GET-IT quick installation

Before starting installation read the Server requirements page.

GET-IT is distributed as a virtual appliance in “vmdk”(virtual machine disk) format.

A video demo is available HERE (you can change the settings in YouTube to improve the resolution of the video).

Download and installation of the Virtual Machine

Download the file ‘’starterkit.vmdk.gz’’ using the following LINK , we suggest to download the file in the machine where the virtualizer is present.

Normally you can use the “wget” command followed by the url:


Extract the file with “gunzip” command:

gunzip starterkit.vmdk.gz

Domain Name

To let GET-IT work properly you need to use a right domain name, See the page Choosing the “right” Domain Name to learn how to change it.


It’s important for your server security follow instruction on the page: Security issues

Update GET-IT

At the end of the installation it’s important to update your GET-IT to the last version available following the steps described in Keep GET-IT up-to-date.