Managing observationsΒΆ

An Observation is an action whose result is an estimate of the value of some property of the feature-of-interest (i.e. station, animals or tissue), at a specific point in time, obtained using a specified procedure or sensor (After Cox 2008 cited by INSPIRE Cross Thematic Working Group on Observations & Measurements, 2011). An observation can be associated with a specific sensor that have collected the observation, it may be associated with metadata.

In this section, you will learn how to add new sensor info (metadata of the sensors), to upload new observations, and share these through specific web services: Sensor Observation Services (SOS).

In the GET-IT home page Sensor section is dedicated to managing observation and sensors, the figure below show the different interaction parts for managing observations and sensors.


Two tabs, Explore SOS and Upload Observations, are dedicated respectively to:

Two buttons, in the header, provides to register new sensor and get capabilities of the local Sensors Observations Services (SOS).

All the functionality making SWE pure requests.