Bing Maps Issue

From 6th October 2015 the Bing Maps API that are used by default in every GET-IT/GeoNode map are not working anymore.

The effect is that every map cannot be zoomed properly.

In order to remove the dependence from the Bing Maps please follow these instructions:

Remove the references to Bing Maps

Remove the Big Maps from default configuration

Edit the file /etc/starterkit/ and comment the lines:

  "visibility": False
# }, {
#   "source": {"ptype": "gxp_bingsource"},
#   "name": "AerialWithLabels",
#   "fixed": True,
#   "visibility": False,
#   "group":"background"
  "source": {"ptype": "gxp_mapboxsource"},

Remove the Bing Maps references from existing maps

Launch the ipython console:

$ sk shell_plus

and type the commands:

>>> from geonode.maps.models import MapLayer
>>> MapLayer.objects.filter(name=u'AerialWithLabels').delete()

Use an Bing Maps API key

Alternatively, you should request your own API key for your site on and configure properly the Big Maps base layer on /etc/starterkit/ es:

  "source": {"ptype": "gxp_bingsource"},
  "name": "AerialWithLabels",
  "fixed": True,
  "visibility": False,
  "apiKey": "BING-MAP-API-KEY"