Users TutorialsΒΆ

Welcome to the Get-It Users Tutorial documentation.

This tutorial will teach how to use the Get-it going in depth into what we can do with software application. At the end of this section you will you will know how to:

  1. Manage users accounts and how to modify them.
  2. Use and manage the different Get-It basic resouces.
  3. Manage Sensors and Observations and pubblish them.
  4. Manage Layers and Views (Maps) and publish them.
  5. Manage Metadata and pubblish them.


Before proceeding with the reading, it is strongly recommended to be sure having clear the following concepts:

  1. GeoNode basic concepts.
  2. What is a geospatial server and a basic knowledge of the geospatial web services.
  3. What is Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and it’s standards
  4. What is a metadata and a catalog.
  5. What is a map and a legend.
  6. What is a sensor and a observation (Sensor Observation System, OGC standard).
Accounts and users
This section will guide you through account registration, updating your account information, and viewing other user accounts.
Managing layers
Create, delete, manage and share Layers and Metadata.
Managing observations
Manage observations, create and insert sensors.
Managing views
Create, delete, manage and share Maps. Add, view and download observation.
Compilazione Metadati
you will learn how to compile metadata.
Informazioni sui metadati
you will learn how to compile xxxxxx.
Conversione Tiff-GeoTiff
how to create a correct geotiff format file.
PRJ file
description of what is a prj file.
JRC web services.
External Services
external web services usefull for RITMARE project.
Italian Reference System
principal reference system used in Italy.
Using WMS services
you will learn how to use wms services.
Data Restriction
you will learn what “data restriction” are.
Plugin QGIS for GeoServer and GeoNode
a usefull plugin of QGIS for mangare GET-IT layers.